Who can benefit?

Anybody, of any age or lifestyle, can benefit from a nutritional therapy consultation:

  • Those with specific diseases or health problems
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their well-being, improve energy levels and address lifestyle concerns
  • People looking to optimise their health to prevent future health problems

My approach uses both naturopathic nutrition and functional medicine, which tailors each plan to the individual in order to achieve the best results for them. I assess each individual on the basis of overall health, lifestyle, medical history and most importantly, current diet and environment.


With the increasing number of processed and refined food products in our  diets, our relationship with food has become more complex. Trying to determine which food types are good for you and which ingredients may need to be avoided can be daunting. This can be exacerbated because as individuals our bodies have varying sensitivities and digestive strengths and may react in different ways.


Food has the power to heal us, prevent illness and maintain vital health. Some foods may be capable of doing the very opposite!  By understanding the impact of various food types as well understanding the drivers behind an individual’s state of health, we can achieve the right balance in order to optimise an individual’s health and wellbeing.


I offer one to one nutrition consultations for clients to develop personalised food and lifestyle plans tailored to their individual requirements. These may also include specific recommendations for nutritional supplements as appropriate.